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Pay Per Click Advertising and Management That Deliver Results for Businesses


To spend money for advertising through PPC services, expertise of keyword research and ad copy creation/maintenance is highly significant. We are a Delhi PPC company offering online advertising services to help your business dominate online search results.

With well crafted ad campaigns targeted to serve a specific audience through a limited set of keywords, we help businesses to gain productive traffic to their websites. Our Pay Per Click advertising and management method also eliminates extra expense.

We have the experience, skills and marketing insights to serve Pay Per Click Campaign Management Services in Delhi NCR, India for small, medium and bigger businesses.

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Proven Strategies to Drive Higher ROI

We work upon well trusted and proven PPC marketing strategies with the help of our expert team to make businesses gain higher returns of their investments.

Instant Reach to Targeted Audience

With well created ads for business specific audience, we help in increasing the reach to prospective clients with effective PPC campaigning.

Smart and Budget Friendly Advertising

With our expertise, we manage and monitor PPC campaigns for diverse business types, small or big and reach targeted audience with smart, cost-effective approach of advertising.

Design Pandaa – Reputable PPC Agency in Delhi NCR, India Delivering Traffic and Leads to Businesses

Statistical data of researches over PPC campaigns shows that a major proportion of search traffic clicks on paid ads when visitors have the intension of buying or calling for services. Our PPC experts will assure considerable traffic through the ads and will also suggest landing page optimization steps for converting the traffic to leads.

Initial research phase at the start of PPC campaigns, regular performance review in terms of impressions, clicks and bounce rate and campaign optimization based on performance, we will cover it all for your website.

Hiring our PPC experts means that you are giving the responsibility to handle related to keyword research complexities, competitor analysis, bid adjustments, campaign planning and monitoring to us. We will serve you with higher number of business opportunities based on PPC advertising.

We offer complete PPC campaign development, optimization and management services. Looking for instant traffic and conversions with paid advertising? We can help!

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Logo design company Delhi NCR, India

Logo, Graphic design company Delhi NCR, India,

We Form a Reputable PPC Company With Our Team of Experts.

As a full service digital design and marketing company, we serve benefits of pay per click advertising to our clients and ensure that their business website gets more productive traffic and conversions.

Creating Ads that Attracts Target Audience

We create business oriented ad copies based on keyword research and use them in the paid marketing campaigns for higher traffic and leads. We will also analyze and modify advertising campaigns for lower Cost Per Click and higher Click Through Rate.

Optimizing Landing Page to Increase Conversions

Increasing traffic through paid ads is just not sufficient for higher conversions and returns. The landing page the ads lead to will then be responsible to convert a website visitor into a lead. We will optimize landing pages to make your Adword campaign work well and your keywords to have high quality score.

Enhanced Ad Campaigns for Mobile Users

We also manage ads through mobile campaigns through Enhanced campaigns to target mobile users for higher conversions. But for ensuring conversions and leads, you will also need mobile responsive landing pages.


We will not let the mobile traffic to your website go waste as we also serve responsive web design services to our clients.

Remarketing Services to Reach Bounced Visitors

We also help our clients regain the visitors who have exited your website and have shown prior interest in your products or services. Through effective remarketing or retargeting methodology, we work upon increasing conversions to prospective buyers for your business.

Creating and Managing Product Listing Ads for Ecommerce Businesses

For eCommerce business clients, we also create and manage Product Listing Ads which have higher CTR than the general text ads used in paid advertising. With our expertise of PLA ads management, we minimize possibility of irrelevant traffic, thus leading to higher conversions.

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