WordPress vs Drupal – Which CMS is Right For You

choice of WordPress or Drupal CMS for business website

In the web design and development industry, Drupal and WordPress CMSs are not known since the very start of the Internet age. But by this modern time, these two have become the leading players in the market of Content Management Systems. While common researches and statistical data shows that WordPress CMS is used by almost ten times more users than those using Drupal. But people from diverse industries looking for getting their website designed by experts are stuck in the differences between these two CMSs. So, what makes up the fight of WordPress vs Drupal across the web? Which of these CMSs will work well for your individual web design project requirements?

In terms of debates held on this subject, both of these  CMSs  has its supporters available almost in equal numbers. The ultimate answer to what really makes up the choice between WordPress and Drupal lies in the individual skills and experience. Each of these CMSs have brilliant features to be integrated for website development provided you know well how to do that.

Trusted WordPress web design company in Delhi will be favoring WordPress because of their experience and available expert workforce specializing in this CMS.

Let’s dive into the details related to the differences between WordPress and Drupal.


Simplified And Easy-to-Use Backend Management


One of the deciding factors while choosing a CMS is how easy it will be for the website administrator to use and manage the features and content of the website. Gone is the age of static websites as everyone now wants fully dynamic WordPress websites designed with custom design, features and functional values.


So, if you have decided that after your business website will be made live you will be managing it on your own even with your limited knowledge, it is best to choose WordPress. The backend of Drupal is less user friendly compared to WordPress.


Versions and plug-in upgrades occur in WordPress regularly, like after four – five months. But this happens seamlessly and the website admin does not need to worry about anything. In Drupal, upgrades do occur, but needs development knowledge to implement them on the live websites.



Design Customization and Functionality Development Possibilities


For business websites, a lot of business owners have no idea in mind regarding the professional appearance and functional values to be developed. They ask the experts for such recommendations.

Starting from scratch to design and develop business websites that fits the scope and objectives of the project, WordPress CMS wins this aspect. This is because of the wide variety of free and paid themes to be used for website design and development.

With these possibilities, you can change almost every aspect of the website in terms of design and functional benefits. Using numerous plug-ins available with diverse features adds up flexibility to this CMS. This also implies that you can use WordPress to either design a simplest blog or have a full fledged e-commerce website.

In Drupal, there are modules in place of plug-ins, but very limited number of themes. This means, that you surely need a website designer to get ideas of your business website turned to reality.


Web Security

Having impressive functional values added to your website also needs web security to avoid failures of businesses supported by websites. Plug-ins used in WordPress can have hidden vulnerabilities which increases the risk of website hacking. However, there are third-party security solutions available to be integrated to your WordPress website for enhanced security.

Drupal wins in the basic security aspect and is more secure than WordPress. So, you can choose Drupal web design for added security benefits.


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