6 Valuable SEO Predictions to Watch in 2018

Valuable SEO Predictions to Watch in 2018

SEO practices useless with time. This is the reason why marketers and SEO specialists are always looking for and devising strategic changes to avoid getting hit by such major updates. Just like every New Year approaching, there are SEO predictions and possible trends in 2018 assumed and shared by experts.

Such predictions are helpful in the sense that they aid marketers in making their websites or those they work highly visible in relevant searches. Staying updated about these predictions and changes will surely help in paving up the right way to lead in the SEO world in 2018.

Given below are six valuable SEO predictions to watch in 2018 as detailed by experts –


  1. Increase Role of Featured Snippets

Featured snippets as shown in the search results will be given higher importance in terms of SEO so as to achieve better rankings in the search results. Compelling structured snippets will be one of the prime focuses of marketers and SEO experts to build up brand presence digitally.


  1. Mix of Inbound and Outbound Marketing with SEO

SEO is more about making the targeted web pages rank higher in the search results. Higher rankings implies higher web traffic and ultimately, more leads and business value. But this is just the organic way of growing business digitally. In 2018, SEO experts and even big companies will be moving more into using and recommending combined marketing procedures. Making combination of SEO, paid marketing through Adwords, social media marketing and others will help a brand in getting maximum exposure.

With Artificial Intelligence implemented in search engines, business websites tend to get better online presence because of the value they are dedicated to serve to the end users.

  1. Tilt Towards Voice Search

With advance technology coming into picture for voice search implementation, it will likely to push more and more marketers to redefine their SEO strategies for voice search in 2018. Increasing queries in voice commands and higher word accuracy rate has been found increasing value of voice searches.

As per the current trend of voice search usability, it can be expected that this trend continue to grow in 2018.

  1. Higher Emphasis on Content Quality

In major aspects of SEO, it is the quality of content used in diverse forms that improves the digital experience of a user. Role of the quality of content used for the entire consumer journey from being a visitor a becoming a lead will grow more in 2018.

  1. User Experience in SEO

Search engines have always worked to provide the results that the end users expect, those that can be well clicked and used. But growing value of CTRs and amount of time a visitors stays on a website which makes up user experience is likely to have higher impact on rankings, web traffic and even leads generated.

Mobile-first index value will look for websites that are fast, responsive and user friendly in all possible terms. So, content marketing efforts needs to be amplified in the year 2018 to rank on top of the search results.

  1. Unaffected Value of Link Building

Legitimate links will always matter as they are needed by search engines to understand the quality and worth of a website. Even in 2018 and ahead, links will always matter as they lies at the core of SEO.



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