SEO Audit For Your Website – Smart Techniques That Will Double Web Traffic

SEO Audit For Your Website – Smart Techniques That Will Double Web Traffic

In a local business, frequent visits by customers somewhat determines the rate of sale. Similarly is the analogy of businesses where web traffic to the business website carries business opportunities. With smart SEO techniques to double web traffic, you can aim to grow your business to higher levels.


Do you also want to double up the traffic to your website for higher sales or enquiries?


You need to understand how SEO works in this aspect and helps in increasing the web traffic to your business website.

In your industry, you must be facing competition in terms of similar other business website which are ranking on top positions in the search results online. Thousands of users are looking for services or product you offer.

But your business will be made visible to them if the website you own and maintain is well optimized in terms of SEO. Hiring an experience SEO team to increase search traffic will help you grow your business digitally.

An online search using a set of words is what makes up the basis of web traffic. In terms of SEO, these targeted keywords need to be well chosen and mapped into the website for higher rankings.

Having just a business website does not mean that you will rank on top in the search results online. It needs research, experiments and strategic implementation of smart SEO techniques for your website to double web traffic.


Search algorithms change constantly which makes it important to know and understand the latest trends in the industry. This also means that it will be best to hire a trusted search engine optimization company to grow web traffic to your business website.

That’s how smaller and bigger businesses are paving their way towards the top of the online search results.


Billions of searches are made every day as people are using the power of Internet to buy products or search for services of numerous kinds they need.

Once your website will begin to rank on the first page of SERPs, it will get higher visibility in front of the targeted audience. This will ultimately lead to higher conversions and thus, higher business growth.

Unable to take your website to the first page ranking yet? It is not a quick, but long term process and can be well served with the help of SEO experts.


This all reaches to the point that you need to get your business website audited in terms of SEO to get more traffic to your business.

A point to be well considered here is that strategic SEO based website optimization does not necessarily includes the ability of your website to convert. Having lead magnets, attractive CTAs and lead capture forms are the next deeper levels of conversion optimization.

Still, it is important to first make the visitors to come to your website, right?

Smart SEO techniques to double web traffic will be described here on the basis of strategic SEO audit.


What Do You Mean by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit?


SEO audit refers to the stepwise process of evaluating a website in terms of its search engine friendly attributes so that it can rank higher in them and achieve top rankings. It includes the steps of complete website analysis in terms of SEO elements so as to finalize the SEO approach.

Getting your website audited will let you know about the reasons why it is not getting expected search traffic. SEO experts start the process of serving their clients with a strategic website evaluation and research. This helps them in making the required moves to improve the web presence of the website.

As a growth hacking technique, SEO audit will help in increasing the search traffic to the website necessary for business growth.


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5 Significant Factors That Makes Up SEO Audit


Hiring a team of an well trusted SEO company for complete SEO audit means that you are looking for ways as per business goals. You want to check the performance of your business website and get it optimized for even better results. SEO experts will perform required research and then implement their strategies for improving the optimized status of your website.

Also, it has been that the low performance website are lacking in On-page SEO elements and have created a very few links. It all can be checked with the help of an SEO audit. Along with it, smart SEO techniques to double website traffic will be implemented.

Here are five significant SEO related factors checked, analyzed and fixed with the help of website audit:


  1. Meta Titles and Descriptions of Web Pages

Whether the Meta tags in the web pages of your business website are missing or they have not been strategically created, you will not be able to find your website in top rankings in both the cases.

In SEO audit, all web pages of your website will be checked for these tags. SEO experts will then work upon the website optimization needs as required next to it.


  1. Keyword Research and Targeting

Reaching to a drainage service website and finding the service provider to offer roofing services will surely cause frustration.

Targeting right keywords through your website is very important for business growth digitally.

For increasing web traffic, keyword research and targeting will ensure that you will get productive traffic reaching the website to look for the services or products you offer.

Also, best practices also confirm use of keywords in limited extent without leading to keyword traffic.


  1. Structure of Web Page URLs

For better results in terms of web presence of website and traffic, even the URLs of web pages of the website need to be created in terms of business type.

The hired SEO Company will also take this into account into the services they offer.



  1. Formatting of Web Pages

A user reaching a website may or may not be making a purchase or sending a query all the time. But it is the design and format of the web page that is also important in terms of SEO.

For instance, heading tags, CTA buttons, imagery with ALT tags content and keyword targeting is important to increase website traffic. It all will be checked and optimized in comprehensive SEO services.


  1. Link Building Statistics

In the SEO audit done to check the optimized state of a website, you will also get to know about the links built to your website. Building quality links from authority websites serves a proof of quality and trust for your business.

With respect to the obtained statistics of link building, link building strategies for the future will be planned.


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