Real Estate Website Design – Prime Features of a Realtor Website

Prime features of a real estate website design

Do you want to get the advantages of reviving real estate market for your business?  You must have thought about capturing the attention of your targeted audience through a well designed, interactive and fully functional website. Such a website will make up the base of your web presence and will make your properties on sale listed to the targeted buyers. Plus, if you have similar related aspects of your business to be covered through your realtor website, it is the right time to team up with a trusted and reliable real estate web design company in Delhi.

With an interactive web portal designed by experts to make you list and sell your properties easily, hiring a team of such a company will help you get comprehensive digital solutions for your real estate business.

Whether you want to target a local audience in a specific region of business or wish to list properties in diverse location all at one real estate website, it is possible with the help of creative and innovative website design.

Reaching out to more number of people to sell a property becomes easier when you have an all-inclusive real estate web portal developed by experts.


Having a business plan with respect to your real estate business ahead of your competitors? You need a trusted web design company as a partner to design and develop a feature rich, scalable website for your business.

While the possibilities of features and functional values to be added in a real estate website are endless, targeting buyers or sellers through it means that you need to take care of their specific needs and intent. Your website should showcase the list of properties available for sale impressively to the prospective buyers, their images and location details.


Given below are prime features added by experts while designing a real estate website:


  1. Properties Showcased With Attraction Elements and Details


A web visitor reaching a website is highly attracted towards the imagery used in it and may end up contacting the website owner or support as a lead. For a real estate web design, it is about the quality of attractive imagery of properties listed that engages the visitors and makes the first impression.

High resolution, quality images of properties attract the targeted buyers more than simple words. Their significance cannot be neglected at the time of planning to design and develop the website.

Details of a property listed on your website along with the appealing imagery works well to attract and convert the prospective clients.



  1. Categories of Properties and Their Listings

A well constructed list of properties to be found by buyers online should also be showcased in a well defined, clutter free manner. The details, structure as well as the design of the properties needs to be well defined in the form of listings.

This will make it easier for the web visitors to interact with the realtor website.

Clear, engaging listings of properties will help these visitors in making their user intent up and he will then contact the concerned authority.

Categories of properties in terms of their types like residential, commercial, strata or similar others will also make the website more interactive in nature.


  1. Property Locator Feature Working on Location and Pricing Basis

What will you think of doing when visiting a property listing website? The first thought is of searching for the type of property on the basis of its location, price and size.

Just like you, a website visitor will find it easier to make the right search using property locator filters designed in real estate websites.

A team of web design and development experts knows well how to serve all such needs and they will work upon creating such a feature for your website too.


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  1. Well Defined Form For Visitors to Contact The Business Owner

To serve the ultimate need of having a real estate website designed professionally, you need to give your end users ways to interact with you.

This is made possible with the help of a contact or enquiry form designed as per the project requirements.

Enquiry forms are also needed to be interlinked to the other pages of the website to make it easier for the user to send an enquiry.



  1. SEO, friendly Real Estate Web Design

Your website with listings of properties in it needs to be optimized in terms of search engines right from the design stage so as to build its web presence.

A well optimized business websites can be easily found in the search engines and considering SEO related parameters while designing and developing the website will boost your business presence across the web.


Why Choose Design Pandaa Technologies for Real Estate Website Design?


Trust and reliability matter while dealing with clients of diverse industries. At Design Pandaa Technologies, we focus on helping our clients succeed online and build their web presence. We have the experience in design and developing business websites of diverse industries and served the projects with our web design and development expertise.

Right from building your real estate website from scratch, designing it, developing codes and functionalities, we have you covered!

From simple, informational website for real estate business agents to complete property listing website, we can work on all such projects.



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Just like all other businesses, where you are located in the search results matters for your business. Having your website ranking on the top search results is possible with our strategic Search Engine Optimization services.

A real estate developer, real estate agent or realtor broker, who you are? We can cater to all such business representative.


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