What Matters to Rank Number One in Google with Strategic SEO

ranking number one on Google with SEO

When business websites are served with strategic, comprehensive SEO services, the main concern of the website owners is of ranking number in Google. This is question often asked to experienced SEO professionals and even to the reputable SEO companies at the very start of the project.

Even though it is uncertain to state in clear terms when a website will start to rank number one on Google, the quality and consistency of all the website optimization activities done has its impact upon the results. In terms of factors and parameters that helps in achieving top rankings for targeted keywords, there is not just one, but a number of them.

The ranking of your website in search results depends on a wide range of variables specific to your industry, the competition and the keywords for which you are looking for higher visibility in the search results.

Even for a business owner who does not know much about SEO and digital marketing industry, understanding basic insights about the prime factors that make up search engine rankings wil help in the long run.

From the consistent research over the major ranking factors carried out by SEO experts, the results simplify the understanding of what matters in SEO. Top brands are considering these factors to reach to the top ranks in Google and even maintain that.

If calling for help from a reputable Delhi SEO company is what you need for your business growth online, there is no harm in that, but benefits.

Looking for answers about how to rank number one on Google? Here are major facts you should know about:


  1. Length of Page Title

Just because a web page of a business website is primarily described in the search engines through the page title, people think of creating longer page titles for their websites. However, detailing out information more than required there in the page title will be of no use.

As a matter of fact, titles exceeding 60 to 70 characters in length are truncated in between, thus leaving the visibility of website related details in it minimum.

Page titles describe the content and purpose of a web page and thus, it should be made clear and concise within just six-seven words used maximally.


Instead of increasing the length of page titles, it will be best to work upon including the targeted keywords or phrases in it strategically. This will help in improving, boosting the ranking status in the search results as the user can easily determine if the result will be useful for their needs.


  1. Shorter, Concise URLs for Webpages

Similar to the page titles, many website owners want the URLs of each of their landing pages to define what the page is all about. This is not an ideal way to create and manage webpage URLS.

In fact, it is best to maintain the length of a URL under sixty characters to make them rank in top positions.

Also, the presence of the targeted keywords in the URL impacts rankings as well.


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  1. Backlinks from Unique Domains

The number of backlinks reaching back to a website from other authority websites makes up its ranking in the search engines. Value of quality backlinks cannot be neglected in SEO as it has a prime role in maintaining online visibility of a website.

For targeted keywords, website ranking on top position is found to have impressively higher number of backlinks than those on the first page of search results.

Conversely, when a webpage starts to rank on top for a keyword or key-phrase, more and more related websites will look forward to link to it.

In terms of backlinks, it is not just the quantity, but quality that matters.

Hundred backlinks from low authority websites would have lesser impact than 30 high quality backlinks from higher authority websites.

Top ranks are thus, achieved when quality as well as quantity of backlinks are gained with time.



  1. Keyword-Rich Anchor Text

Another aspect to be considered to rank on top in Google is to consider the utility of creating SEO-oriented anchor texts.

Websites with interlinking of pages done through keyword-rich anchor texts are found to rank higher than those who do not create anchor texts that way.


  1. Well-Optimized, High Quality Content

As it is a well known fact that content is king, digital marketing is nearly impossible without content.

Since SEO forms a part of the digital marketing, content matters for it too.

The length of the content, keyword targeting, heading tags optimizations and similar other factors helps in improving the ranking of a business website gradually with time.



Covering it altogether, all these factors help the SEO experts in prioritizing the SEO campaigns for their clients. With respect to project requirements, scale of optimization may differ and it needs expertise to test what will work for the specific requirement of a project.





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