How to Creatively Design a Homepage that Converts

Designing a home page that converts and boost conversion rate

The homepage of a business website is where the targeted audience gets the primary business related information that can impact conversions. With the first impression that this page makes to the visitors reaching your website, their next action or move on your website will be defined. A satisfied web visitor will continue to browse additional web pages at your website, enquire for service or make a purchase online. But with dissatisfaction, the visitor is likely to leave your website and search for your competitors. Strategically designed home pages of business websites has significant value of visitor conversion. So, it becomes highly important for you to get it designed strategically with the help of experts. Experienced website design professionals starts the process with the consequence of conversion in mind.


Outlining Value of Home Page of Your Website

If considered in terms of user perspective in mind, home page of a website works on defining and introducing business value to the web visitors. Imagery, content, design and appeal, it all has a combined effect of letting a visitor know about the services or products offered.  Similarly, the overall impression of a well defined home page encourage visitors to stay engaged at the website and continue to dig deeper into its other web pages. As a result of such strategic web design process, a home page is added with the capability to convert visitors into leads.

Lack of visitor engagement rate at the home page affects the conversion. But changing the design and layout to have lasting impression upon the minds of the visitors can boost conversions too.


1. Creatively Designing a Home Page for Higher Conversions

Impressive design has its impact upon the value and purpose of the homepage. There is a wide range of web design elements that must be included into it for improved conversion rate.Clearly Describe Value Your Business Offers

When there are a number of competitors available online in almost every industry, it means that a web visitor is not bound to connect with any one of them. Highlighting the service value, the business description, mission and vision on the home page can attract and engage the targeted audience. A homepage that conveys service or product quality of the related business strongly are likely to convert well.


2. Prevent Clutter at Your Home Page


Cluttered appearance in any sense generally leads to dissatisfaction and the same is true in terms of web design. Web visitors will only stay at your website if they can easily find services or products they are looking for. So, preventing cluttered appearance of home page becomes very important to design a website that converts. Simplified navigation, well highlighted CTA buttons conveying business related action and appealing imagery, it all adds up to the user experience and promote conversions.


3. Select Font Style and Size Carefully


Since content is also an important part of an appealing home page design, choice of font size and style is to be made carefully. As a general rule well accepted by web design experts, there is only one font style used in major segments of a homepage. A combination of a number of font style may make the page look unprofessional and repels the visitors instead of attracting them.

The chosen font should be legible enough to catch the eyes of the web visitors and match the purpose of business introduction.


4. Get Impressive Imagery and Graphics Designed by Experts

Captivating images has their impact upon the user engagement rate and are thus, likely to impact conversions from the home page too. Obviously, this does not mean that there should only exist imagery at the home page and nothing else. Even just one or two professionally designed images can do wonders in terms of conversions. It is in the hands of expert designers to create images that are in line with the theme of the website. Also, the quality of images also matters as they should not pixelate or become blurred on accessing the home page.


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