Hospitality Website Design – 5 Tips to Improve Your Hotel Website Design

5 Tips to Improve Your Hotel Website Design

Running and managing a hotel, but planning for business growth digitally with website redesigning? Your hotel website is the face of your business to the audience you target. A number of hoteliers find themselves stuck in the middle of business planning when their websites are not capable of attracting clients and converting them. If you are one of them, you may be in need of hotel or hospitality website design and development services.

A well designed, fully functional hotel website can produce higher returns provided it is designed and developed with strategies and objective well clear in mind.

Around 40% to 50% of the visitors reaching to a hotel website with the intention of making bookings look for a number of factors in the website itself.

Having a website representing your hotel business does not mean you will get all the targeted audience reaching out to you for bookings. You may need to get it redesigned in terms of professional hotel website development standards with the help of an expert. It is more about understanding and implementing the business objective in the form of web design.


Want to know how you can make your business grow with strategic website design of your hotel website? Here is what a web design expert will consider for your project:


  1. Work Upon Improving Navigation of Your Website

Most users visiting your hotel website may be leaving in less time because they cannot find it easier to reach out to the inner website pages. A proper navigation on the website which is simple, clean and high in impact will not only attract the visitors, but will also convert them to call for services you offer.

A hospitality website design expert will first get this question answered:

“Can the targeted user groups find what they are looking for easily?”


When the intention of website visitor is focused on task he wants to complete, you just cannot fool them up through your website.

So, it is important to keep the navigation of your hotel website clean rather than cluttered.


  1. Place ‘Call to Action’ Buttons Strategically


On a hotel website, banners, images as well as content makes up the entire structure, But alongside, it is also important to cleverly use ‘Calls to Action’ on the website.

Once engaged considerably, the website visitors want to look for and click ‘Book Here’, ‘Book Now!’ or ‘Special Booking Offers’ kind of buttons on hospitality websites.

But this does not mean that you need to have these CTA buttons in excess on the website.

Hiring a hotel website design company will get all the required changes done at your website to make it more engaging and useful for business growth.


  1. Showcase Your Hotel Using Impressive Imagery

Another factor that makes up the higher user engagement at a hotel website is the creative and strategic use of imagery. The ultimate aim behind engaging website visitors is to convince them to buy what you sell.

In hospitality business, it’s your place, your services, well furnished rooms, banquet halls and spaces.

Using high resolution imagery at your hotel website along with minimum text content will transform your website.

When such images and pictures will be made and arranged to speak thousand words, you will be able to persuade website visitors to book your hotels as per their needs.

In this age of increasing social media rage, you will also be able to get higher page views and social media shares with engaging, high quality photos.


  1. Add Mobile Responsive Features to Your Website


Have you found that your hotel website does not look good, but with errors when viewed on mobile devices? It is a clear sign that your website is not mobile responsive.

A mobile responsive hotel website design means that the website will respond according to the device it is viewed on.

With a well optimized website that runs smoothly on all devices including laptops, desktops, smart phones and even tablets, you will be able to reach mobile users too for your business growth.


  1. Well Defined and Functional Booking or Contact Function


In the modern, digital age, people find it good and reliable to interact with websites that has well defined contact features developed in them.

In terms of hospitality website design and development, you may have thought of getting the rooms booked and receiving payments online. Similarly, there are other contact features where interested website visitors can send enquiries to your hotel administration.

Receiving mails with a booking for confirmation or enquiry just as it occurs while buying a product from an e-commerce website makes the end consumers feel like being served well.



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