5 Effective Steps to Grow Quality Traffic to Your Website With Strategic SEO

How to grow website traffic with strategic SEO

Just like we, humans strive for ‘more’ in almost every facet of our life, the same is true for businesses we own and grow digitally. As per the web analytics are concerned, every business website owner wants the traffic to his website to increase with time.

There’s no harm in longing for it as it is one of the prime reasons that will lead to your business growth.

But how will you get such traffic? Does more traffic to your website certainly mean more conversions?

Not necessarily!

Consider a situation when you are out in the market to buy an attractive dress for a party. Is it compulsory for you to buy a perfect dress from only brand in any sense, unless you want to?

Obviously, you want to explore more options before ending up at something.

Web visitors to your website want the same. They want to look for more options, if not satisfied with the first website they visitor for the products or services they look for.


But in the same analogy, what will happen if you think the first dress you have found in the market is the perfect one?

You will most probably buy it, thinking there is no need to search for more.

Traffic reaching to your website will surely get converted if the visitors feel you serve their needs well. If it is not converting, wrong in what you are doing to gain that traction. So, you need to get SEO audit done for your website to know about the there is something possible ways of optimization.


So, in this post, steps to generate quality traffic will be discussed to help you grow your business.

Here they are:

1. Select the Rightmost Keywords in Your SEO Activities


As told above, crap traffic is of no use to you, but relevant traffic that is more likely to get converted to increase ROI.

For instance, a web design company will not get the benefit of having traffic that comes from keywords such ‘buy gifts online’.

Targeted keywords are a part of how you are presenting your business to the targeted audience. So, to make the right impression, you need the right set of keywords.

So, you need to target relevant keywords with the thought of how a targeted user will search for what you offer.

Strategic keyword research as per the competition over each one of them and their search volumes is a challenging task. So, if you think you cannot do that all alone, hire SEO professionals.

2. Analyze Competition in Terms of Keywords


Growth in terms of improved web rankings does not only depend on how well you are optimizing your website. Because if your prime competitors are doing that better than you, you will still lag behind them.

Tilting your eye a little during keyword research will give you a fair idea of the keywords they are targeting and rank for.

Let’s imagine that you want to start an online business of selling living gifts, plants online. For which keywords should you rank on top to get maximum sales?

It’s simple.

Search in Google with the search term, ‘buy plants online’ and see which competitors are running on top. Then dig deeper into the competitor websites, of how they are targeting keywords related to your niche.

3. Serve What Your Targeted Audience is Looking For


The content you use in diverse forms to market your business website online can bring in a lot of productive traffic if it serves the specific needs of your targeted audience well. Content do answers what your potential customers are asking across the web. So, it should be created in the required answering tone for greater connect amongst the masses.

Next to it, there are your products and services which should solve the problems they are made available for.

4. Utilize Long Tail Keywords Lucratively


If you will look deeper to the range of people who are actually looking for information using long phrases of search terms, you will find that they are highly productive audience that converts well if their questions are well answered.

Long tail keywords are not comparatively popular than direct, short term keywords. But in any case, you will look forward to build business around services or products defined by a collective search term, not a single word.

Search engine algorithms are smarter in the sense that they group keywords and subjects together to understand more about their relevancy. This is the reason why even one page of your page can be made to rank for not just one, but a number of long tail keywords.

To know more about the range of long tail keywords you can target through your website, you can get helped with this guide:


Then, the work of an SEO expert comes in between to target the list of found keywords through content, heading tags, Meta other tags and SEO elements.

5. Update Website Content with Time


This is done as per the analysis of your website in terms of quality traffic generated specific landing pages.

You will need to find the pages on your business website that are not attracting productive traffic. Updating and revising its content and re-optimizing it may lead to improved results in terms of more quality traffic.

Search engines look for strategic and quality updates in content and rank the website accordingly.


Summarizing the above-detailed five steps that can help in growing quality traffic to your business website:

  1. Choose keywords to be targeted strategically
  2. Look for keywords your competitors are targeting
  3. Keep the needs and questions of your targeted audience in mind
  4. Use long tail keywords
  5. Revise content of less productive website pages


There is just not one, but a number of benefits of SEO for your small and big business. Hiring an SEO expert ensures that these tips are well taken care of.




  1. Hi there! I’m also a big fan of competitor analysis when it comes to keyword research. Usually, my competitor has done half of the work for me. All I need to do is figure what good keywords I should compete with them on and what other keywords they are missing out on. And I agree that content should be updated regularly. It’s important for a business to keep their blog active. There are many SEO benefits to that, especially when done right. Thanks for great content!

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